Pricing is not guaranteed due to volatile pricing in the part supplier industry, primarily affected by the availability of quality parts.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S7

Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6

Screen ReplacementReplacement BatteryAntennaAuxiliary PortLoudspeakerEarspeakerCamera Lens Charging Port

Samsung Galaxy S5

Screen ReplacementPower ButtonReplacement BatteryAntennaAuxiliary PortLoudspeakerEarspeakerCamera Lens Charge Port CoverCharging Port

Samsung Galaxy S4

Screen ReplacementCharging PortReplacement BatteryAntennaAuxiliary PortLoudspeakerEarspeakerCamera LensCameraSim Card ReaderPower Button

Samsung Galaxy S3

Screen ReplacementCharging PortReplacement BatteryAntennaAuxiliary PortLoudspeakerEarspeakerCameraSim Card ReaderPower Button
$109.99$69.99 3$24.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$39.99$49.99$69.993

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Screen Assembly Charging PortMicrophoneBattery

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Screen Assembly Charging PortMicrophoneBattery

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Screen Assembly Charging PortMicrophoneBattery

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Screen AssemblyCharging PortBattery  

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Screen AssemblyRear Glass

Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Screen ReplacementCharging PortReplacement Battery
$109.99$59.99 $24.99
Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) are items that are new or uncommon and therefore fluctuate in cost.  Please call the shop for an accurate price quote!


2 – This repair requires screen removal to access the board of the device.  We have to quote two prices on this type of repair.  Please call the shop and we’ll get you an accurate quote and talk you through the process.
– item that require micro-soldering, as such require a specialized technician.  The wait time for this repair is much longer than our average turn-around time.  Most micro-soldering repairs take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days.   Please call the shop with any questions.