What kind of warranty do you offer on your services?

You can find a detailed version of our warranty <a title=”Warranty” href=”http://www.lexcellrepair.com/warranty/”>here</a>.

How long will the repair take?

The duration of a repair depends on the nature of the repair, but the average turn-around is about 2 hours.  Certain repairs are much more time-intensive.

How much would you be willing to offer for my device?

Phones, tablets, and other devices are extremely complicated little gadgets, with a lot of different working parts.  To get an idea of the actual value for your phone we have to be able to evaluate it in-store.  We will not offer any ‘ballpark’ price without being able to evaluate the device in person.

I dropped my phone in water! What can be done?

Water damage is tricky, it can do a lot of unrepairable damage to circuitry.  We have a liquid damage recovery process in which we strip the phone of it’s boards and attempt to remove any corrosion from the boards.  This process typically costs $40 if it is successful, the cost of parts to return the phone to normal working condition will apply as well.  We will never replace parts before giving you an estimate on the cost first.